Treatment of pain syndromes and autonomic dysfunction

Ergonomics of sleeping

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How to sleep well? How to choose the optimal position of the body during sleep?
People often shift the responsibility for a comfortable sleeping on orthopedic pillow, but orthopedic pillow is not a guarantee of a comfortable sleep, it is important to learn to sleep on this pillow, , and it must be suitable individually for you. The recommendations are not absolute, but only a hint for a more comfortable sleep and prevent overloading of the cervical. Must adhere to the provisions of the physiological neck without extremes (so the head does not fall from the shoulder and neck pillow pererazgibat) not to accept the provisions on the pillow, which can ‘twist’ the neck. It should listen to the wisdom of the body and the optimality criterion is the well-being of man.

An example of suboptimal                                     An example of optimal
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