Treatment of pain syndromes and autonomic dysfunction


DSC 0024 300x200 Neurology

    Neurology – section allopathic medicine dealing with the nervous system in health and disease (neuroanatomy and neurophysiology, topical diagnosis), the occurrence of diseases of the central and peripheral nervous system, methods of treatment and rehabilitation.
    A neurologist and nevrapatolog – this is one and the same specialty, just the name of the specialty “Physician neurologist” adult doctors remains in the post-Soviet space and in the world – “neurologist”. In Ukraine, the Ministry of Health professionals for children’s amended and specialty called “children’s neurologist.” In order to avoid confusion in terminology diploma physicians subspecialty issue with the wording – medical certificate in the specialty neurology.
    In general neurology many scientific and klinichnyh subsections:

-kongnitiv neurology
-pediatric neurology
-orthopedic neurology (Vertebroneurology)
-pain medicine
-neurology autonomic dysfunctions and headache
-neurology degenerative diseases of the nervous system
-neurology hereditary diseases
-infectious diseases neurology
-geriatric neurology
-Neuro-Intensive Care
-vegetative neurology
functional neurology

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