Treatment of pain syndromes and autonomic dysfunction

Separate food

There are different approaches in a separate feed (the approach of Chinese and Tibetan medicine, Ayurvedic medicine, an approach Western dietetics).
Consider the approach of western nutrition.

A separate food – a special system of proper nutrition that helps people get rid of various diseases and to feel a relief of the meal. A separate food – a set of rules that shares all kinds of products, and establishes the rules for their reception. It is based on the concept of interoperability and compatibility of products and hazards to the health of the use of combinations of some products. For separate power supply main thing – and what is, to combine. According to supporters of a separate food if your stomach at the same time fall into incompatible with each other products, they will be quite difficult to digest. As you know, then, badly digested food is stored in the body as fat and toxins. This is due to the fact that for the breakdown of carbohydrates need an alkaline medium and proteins need an acidic environment. The conditions for digestion of various kinds of products as different.
The basic rule of healthy eating is the use of separate individual protein foods and carbohydrate alone.
For proteins include fish, meat, nuts, eggs. Carbohydrate basket is presented in the form of cereals, bakery products, sweets, cereals, potatoes. Carbohydrate diet is also called the energy diet, so these foods must be present in the human diet. This type of product is very easily digested by the body. Observing the rules of separate power supply is necessary to consider its basic principles:
- Should not be taken with protein and carbohydrate foods: fish, meat, nuts, cheese, eggs and other protein foods and bread, cereals, potatoes, pastries, fruit and other carbohydrate foods;
- Not recommended to take simultaneously two different proteins: meat and eggs, meat and nuts, cheese and eggs, cheese and nuts;
- Do not mix proteins and fats at the same time. Harmful eating butter, cream and vegetable oil with nuts, eggs, meat, cheese and other protein products;
- At the same time you can use only one type of starch;
- Do not eat together, acidic and carbohydrate foods;
- Do not combine the melon and watermelon
- Can not drink milk with a meal, because it collapses due to juice fruits and vegetables. This provokes the appearance of decay processes in the gastrointestinal tract, which can lead to diseases and indigestion;
-tvorog considered a separate food, it can be used only from dairy products, but in any case not with meat and vegetables;
-pomidory and sour fruits have low compatibility, they disperse digestion and used for 20 minutes before eating.

Thus, following the basic principles of a separate food, organize the work of the gastrointestinal tract, feel better, lose weight good. The result of this method of weight loss tends to be persistent enough, especially if you stick to this type of food all the time.