Treatment of pain syndromes and autonomic dysfunction

Chronic pain syndrome

chronic pain 1 274x300 Chronic pain syndromePain – unpleasant feeling associated with tissue irritation potential threat or tissue damage and the body’s response, mobilizing different functional systems of the body to protect against harmful interference.

If pain under the influence of external factors lasts for more than 3-6 months, he can go to the “chronic pain syndrome”. When the pain becomes chronic, it loses its protective and preventive function and becomes an unpleasant factor, which is inadequate given conditions of the current life.

Formation of chronic pain occurs in mind several reasons:
1) The secondary central giperalgizatsii. Painful stimuli from the thalamus to the parietal lobes is on the way protarennomu in mind the changes of biochemical processes in the brain and spinal cord, there is a decrease in pain threshold (since violations ingibitsionnogo spinal gating control pain impulses) as a vicious circle between the thalamus, reticular formation, parietal and frontal lobes. Thus small mechanical stimuli may be perceived keenly as pain.
2) a long-term pain causes depression, and depression itself can lead to chronic psychogenic pain. Thus pain, prolonged real mechanical stimulation can lead to psihosomatizatsii and subsequently may not be based on a real external factors.
3) Secondary reaction in the form of muscle toning (both due to a defensive reaction geperalgezii, and because of the emotional reaction) may cause myofascial syndrome, which will support substrate chronic pain.

Before putting the syndrome of chronic pain, it is important to exclude the real cause of the pain, including pain and the secondary reflector from the internal organs (referred pain). Therefore, you should use additional methods of inspection and advisory services related professionals.
Treatment of chronic pain should be comprehensive:

-removal Of the source of pain (removal of inflammation, elimination of the articular block visceral reflex or myofascial pain syndromes)
-Optimized Lifestyle (optimization of work, rest and sleep, diet, hygiene, posture and movement)
-Antidepresanty (Interrupt abnormal biochemical vicious cycle of pain perception) and psihoterpaiya (changing the perception of external factors and stressful situations, removal of the patient from depression)
-General Strengthen health, balancing the body, replenishing reserves and reserve forces stimulation (exercise physiotherapy, yoga, kurortolechenie, osteopathic treatment, massage, reflexology, changing environment and lifestyle, passion for a hobby).