Treatment of pain syndromes and autonomic dysfunction

The difference between osteopathy and massage

Often patients, looking for osteopathic treatment, confuse it with massage. But between osteopathy and massage is a big difference, both in technique and basic principle of influence and philosophical view of the problem of health. Oriental pressure point massage (acupressure) exclude from this comparison.
Massazh 300x159 The difference between osteopathy and massage
Structure of massage is that there are several types of massage: preventive health, medical, sports, beauty, children; method: hand, foot, machine, massage, mixed; topographically: General or local. There is also the massage. Massage is to perform algorithm techniques to stretch muscles, improve arterial blood flow and to improve the outflow of venous blood and lymph, toning tissue. Massage can be used if the patient has no serious illness and if there is no acute process in the application of massage techniques. The massage is undifferentiated overall impact without addressing the causes of pathology. It can only be used either as an auxiliary method of rehabilitation or as obscureluzername method, or cosmetic.
Unlike massage, osteopathy acts on the root cause of the disease, takes into account the interaction of different systems of the body. And if a differentiated approach, for soft osteopathic techniques has virtually no contraindications (except structural engineering in the direct approach the direct and visceral manipulation), osteopathy can act in 70% of cases as an independent approach to the treatment of pathology.
If we consider cranial osteopathy, fascial technique, strain-kontrstreyn and positional release, they are much softer and gentler than most massage techniques.
Also unlike massage, osteopathic sessions are not done the course every day, and the session can be conducted 2 times in a week to 1 time in 2 weeks with a subsequent increase of the time interval between sessions. In the dynamics of the considered reaction to a previous osteopathic session and the ability of your body to self-correction, as well as recommendations regarding the patient’s lifestyle.
Soft osteopathic techniques as well as massage can bring pleasure, relaxation and also be used in cosmetology.