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How to jogging

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Running is a common training athletes, most endurance sports, as well as common method of healing the majority of people who practice physical activity. Run have a lot of positive health outcomes. During the run are used most of the groups of muscles with good to their development and pumping them with blood. With allocated then displays the decay products of biochemical processes in the body. Just running trains the cardiovascular system and improves lung ventilation. While running increases the level of serotonin that improves mood. Regular Jogging increases endurance and resistance to stress factors. As Jogging lead to more circuit of the Krebs cycle for ATP production, which consumes fat stores in the body, which you can use to lose weight.

There are dangers when you run, if you use the wrong technique and run on uncomfortable surfaces, there is a risk of trauma to the joints of the feet. If you have disc diseases pozvonochnika, you can provoke exacerbation of back pain. If you have cardiovascular disease and Jogging to do with mismatched load, you can provoke a hypertensive crisis or heart failure. When the gruelling running (marathon training), excessive exercise can lead to muscle hypotrophy and exhaustion. It should not run at bedtime, not to perevozbuzdenie the sympathetic nervous system and cause insomnia.
Thus, Jogging should be rationally, consult your physician, to develop proper running technique and use the convenient cover on treadmills.

The main recommendations for Jogging:

It is important to go Jogging in comfortable sneakers with good shock-absorbing sole. Also, avoid Jogging on concrete slabs, tile floors in the parks, as this will increase vibration of traumatic stress on the leg joints and spine. Also must be careful about prolonged regular Jogging on asphalt surface, preferring the on asphalt tracks short distances and choosing a flat track with no bevels. It is better to do Jogging on grass (grass for football field or Golf course), on gravel paths or on compacted earth.

While running, it is necessary to reduce the vertical oscillations of the body as the concussion of running surface and the ejection body up can increase the load on the spine and joints of the feet. To reduce the swaying of the body in different directions, by reducing the distance between the production stop during the run to the inner edge of the stop was close to the same line. Only small angle between the feet, which will allow you to push right to lean on the big toe. Contacting the ground is a bit of a stretch stop. There are three casts of the foot: the entire foot, heel-toe, toe-heel.

The same optimal average stride length, as short step will not give sufficient load and long stride increase the risk of sports injuries. When running sbalansirovanny important posture without too much forward tilt and tilting the body backward. Your elbows should be bent at a right angle, the brush is partially compressed. The head should not bend down low, look you can send to 10 meters ahead. While running should not be torn sudden movements, not too to stumble on the exposed leg forward, which increases the injuries. When running the leg should straighten smoothly and be slightly bent, which improves its shock absorbing properties and reduces vibration from the stress of the foot on the surface. While running, avoid excessive tension, but should not be too pereyaslavians.

Running technique over short distances and long distances will be different.