Treatment of pain syndromes and autonomic dysfunction

The benefits of swimming

Swimming - the ability, the ability to stay on the water, under water and move around in it or on it a certain way.

Go swimming is allowed absolutely all people, so the initial physical fitness does not really matter. In addition, it is a safe and simple method of forming an athletic figure. In the process of water workouts are utilized almost all the muscles of the human body, so you can burn a huge amount of calories. The fact that in the water due to its density decreases body weight, hence a floating, a person can safely withstand greater loads. Regular practice of swimming can accelerate the metabolism, normalize blood pressure, improve blood circulation and prevent cardiovascular diseases. At the same time employment in the water relieve stress, soothe and charge the body with vital energy. Water environment affects the human nervous system, since while swimming water gently massages the nerve endings in the skin and muscles, relieves stress and calms. People suffering from insomnia, can count on a good, sound sleep after exercise. And in addition to all the above, swimming does not have any side effects, such as running or training with weights. In the water load on the joints hardly occurs can therefore be engaged as desired without any harm to the body. Swimming prevents cardiovascular diseases, respiratory system develops; forms a shape, burn excess fat.

The benefits of swimming as is the beneficial effects on the immune system. The water in the reservoir, the pool has a lower temperature than the human body. This temperature difference increases the blood circulation and heart, improves the immune system, making the body less susceptible to colds.

Thus, swimming lessons – this is the optimal training for the human body, which is suitable for both adults and children, and are the best kind of physical activity.
But it is important to understand that as with any sport, some species of diving have contraindications. If there are any diseases of the musculoskeletal system, it is necessary to consult a doctor at the choice of a particular style of swimming. The best option – swimming the crawl or back. At the time, such as the style of breaststroke and butterfly are not recommended for herniated discs of the lumbar spine. As for the beach-style (when the head is static over water, arched loin and swimming movements, like a frog), this kind of swimming is not recommended to anyone. In the acute stage of the disease and does sustvavov shoulder should refrain from swimming.