Treatment of pain syndromes and autonomic dysfunction

Balanced diet and muscle harmony

diet 300x260 Balanced  diet  and  muscle  harmonyIntegral approach to human health when problems of the musculoskeletal system and myofascial syndrome (muscle pain) can not ignore the importance of a balanced diet.

Internal organs are linked to the spine through the autonomic nervous system, and there is a two-way relationship: the influence of the spine on them, and the influence of the internal organs of the spine. Also, there is a relationship between the internal organs and associated muscles. When an imbalance occurs in some organs muscle imbalance, in violation of motor organs twisted pelvis and there is an imbalance of diaphragms, under which the body just has to adjust. In this situation, muscle imbalance, pelvic torsion spasm and asymmetrical implementation diafrgam usual loads leads to severe congestion of certain muscles and hyper-load some of the ligaments and joints, which then is a disaster for the musculoskeletal system. Example: in disorders of the intestine and kidney dysfunction if you do the usual physical work can overload a square lumbar muscles and iliopsoas muscles, twisting the sacrum and ilium. As a consequence there reflex muscle strain, excessive load on the lumbosacral, and possible transformation of the existing protrusion of the intervertebral disc extrusion (hernia). This situation of course you can eliminate osteopathic techniques, but if you do not take into account and address the imbalance in power – the effect will be temporary. There are different approaches to nutrition and diet therapy. Well-proven approach to separate nutrition, diet Tibetan medicine, food in the 5 elements in Chinese medicine, the empirical approach and recommendations osteopaths. You can use the body’s reaction to the product through the changes of the craniosacral rhythm, or through muscle testing to find an individual diet particular person.

General recommendations for a balanced nutrition based on different approaches can also be useful.

General recommendations of empirically experience osteopathic doctor Jean Pierre Barral:

Unbalance of the liver – to minimize the consumption of alcohol, avoid drinking alcohol in the evening, to refrain from cool drinks in the afternoon, to increase fluid intake in between meals as decoctions. After osteopathic treatment beneficial use of lemon or grapefruit juice (diluted with water) before breakfast for 10 days. Refrain from drinking coffee in the afternoon. Artichokes and bitter salads are good hepatic bile stimulant. Minimize eating chocolate and white wine.

When bathygastry (drooping stomach) should eat food slowly to avoid rapid filling of the stomach. Must drink the sweet and warm and avoid cold drinks, especially in the afternoon. Before dinner, should make some slopes and accentuate the diaphragmatic breathing.

Dysfunction of the colon – to minimize meal in the evening and at night, to minimize the reception of fats, meat, flour and sugar. Increase in diet products of the long fibers (leek, spinach, celery, white beet, etc.). To include in the diet of olive oil and lemon juice.

When renal dysfunction – detachable empty stomach before meals. Increase the intake of fluids, to include in the diet of lemon juice, diluted with water.

Compatibility Chart separate food products of Western Diet:

 Balanced  diet  and  muscle  harmony

Melonsnot compatible with any other products. Milkis better eaten separately from other foods.

Different products have different properties of digestion and assimilation. Joint use radically different products on the properties leads to nedoperivarivaniyu and further fermented some of incompatible products and as a consequence – the overload of the gastrointestinal tract and release toxins that are not indifferent to the liver.

Dietetics in Tibetan medicine.

In Tibetan medicine, there is the concept of the three vital principles, which have their own characteristics: Lung (wind) – neutral, Tripa (bile) – fever, Pequeno (mucus) – cold. Data types correspond to the vital principles of the constitution, there are also mixed types. Food should be chosen depending on the type of body of man and provide general advice on nutrition. Since the selection of diet by type constitution is not a simple process, consider a brief general advice.

In Tibetan medicine wrong combination of food is regarded as poisons. Taking these products within days allowed in between each other in 5-7 hours.

Incompatibility list of products according to Tibetan Medicine:

Fish with milk, meat, poultry, or eggs
Milk with fruit, or – with walnuts, radishes, garlic
Eggs and garlic
Lamb and cold drinks
Rabbit and Poultry
Sour milk (yogurt) and chicken
Yogurt, banana and pear simultaneously
Radishes with molasses
Meat with buckwheat
Do not put meat neostyvshee after cooking in a sealed container
Cooked beans with yogurt and sugar
Drinking yogurt with fresh or frozen
Sour alcoholic product with meat
Mushrooms with mustard oil
Chicken with yogurt, or with a mixture of honey and vegetable oil
Chicken meat with (white) dairy products
Meat with acidic foods or fried flour from grain
Not recommended simultaneous absorption of two different products of animal origin, or a combination of acids and starches.
Do not combine in one go “heavy” and “light” foods. In the summer – to increase fluid intake, and in winter – to reduce to prevent overloading of the kidney (not stimulate in the winter “cold” in the kidneys).

If we imagine that the various substances contained in food are different forms of information, which has to cope with the body, it becomes clear how a simple diet can protect the body from imbalances or incorrect “reading” of the information. Digestive heat can be balanced by the consumption of more simple combinations of ingredients. Starvation disbalansiruyuschee has a strong effect. Fasting is allowed only with the permission and under the supervision of an experienced physician. Products with a very cold and very hot active forces badly blended. The main laws are – simplicity, moderation and balance in lifestyle.