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First aid for sudden cardiac arrest

Firstaidosteopat 300x230 First aid for sudden cardiac arrest
Urgent help in case of cardiac arrest.
Heart failure is accompanied by the following signs:
-loss of consciousness;
-missing pulse;
-stops breathing;
-the pupils dilate;
-there is a paleness or lividity of the skin;

What to do in such situations:
The necessary step-by-step algorithm according to the recommendations of medicine emergency.
-to make sure whether the patient is unconscious. To do this, first is to refer to it verbally and ask, if he is to be examined and, receiving no answer,
-to check the sensitivity, you can take a fold of skin on the limbs and not much to pinch and mark, is there a reaction or not in the form of grimaces on the face or withdrawal of the limb, and if there is no response to proceed with further action:
-feel the pulse (preferably carotid)
-to determine the presence or absence of breathing;
-to check whether the reaction of pupils to light, is there a sustainable dilated pupils

When the obviousness of the above symptoms:
1.Without delay to call the ambulance
2.Start CPR before arrival of ambulance crews:
- Indirect heart massage and artificial respiration.
How to produce:
1). To lay the victim on a hard surface, tilting the head back, push the lower jaw forward and to ensure the patency of the upper airway.
2). The palm of the left hand put on the lower third of the sternum and the palm of the right hand over the left and press down firmly to the sternum dropped to 2 — 4 cm Is necessary in order stafilos the heart between the sternum and the spine,thereby pumping blood from the heart and restoring blood flow to organs. In young children it is necessary to press less strongly with one hand, and the newborn — fingertips

3). Then the pressure stopped. The belly rises, and the heart again popolnyaetsya blood. Again press down on the sternum. Such pressure is necessary to produce about 100 taps per minute, every 30 compressions you need to alternate 2 breaths mouth-to-mouth (according to the recommendations of the European cardiology Association), or to focus only the compressions of the sternum without the work of artificial lung ventilation in adults (according to the recommendations of the American heart Association, because at the time of chest compressions in any case, the ventilation of the lungs). Children should alternate heart massage with artificial ventilate lungs, so how often heart failure in children due to obstructive lung disease (adults as cardiac arrest mainly primary).
These actions for first-aid cardiopulmonary resuscitation should be performed either to restore cardiac activity and respiration or until the arrival of ambulance crews.
Thus, timely first aid can not only restore cardiac function, but also extend a person’s life.