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The uniqueness of green tea

Zeleniy chay 300x218 The uniqueness of green tea
Green tea – one of the most popular beverages in the world. Green tea is a perennial evergreen shrub, reaching 10m in height

Since the end of the summer until the last days of autumn flowering period lasts this plant. From October to December, the plant bears fruit. Green tea plantations are located in China, India, Japan, South America and Africa.
This drink contains many chemicals, this is due to the beneficial effects of tea. More than five hundred components contained in its leaves. The particular usefulness of green tea due to the presence in it:
- Caffeine. His presence in the tea gives strength and energy to our body, invigorates and activates the brain. However, in the conventional case does not contain caffeine and its analog called Thein. Action theine somewhat milder than caffeine, while it also activates the power of the human brain, improves mood, and with it the performance and activity. Also the caffeine in green tea helps to increase low blood pressure, dilates the blood vessels of the heart, brain and kidney.
-Mineraly Contained in green tea, contribute to the proper functioning of all our organs. Preventing an imbalance of minerals, it strengthens the immune system, contributes to the excellent state of nails, hair and teeth.
-Katehinov – Unique natural antioxidants, which have anti-bacterial properties that reflect the “attack” free radicals, prevent damage and destruction of the cells, thereby slowing down the aging process and contributing to the prevention of cancer.
-vitamin P - contained in green tea makes the blood vessels stronger and more elastic.

Usefulness of green tea has been known since ancient times. Useful properties of green tea actively used in creams and nutrients in a biologically active additives.
Green tea normalizes the process of digestion. This drink prevents diseases associated with metabolic disorders and activates the gastrointestinal tract.
The tea beverage present in the required amount of zinc. This element is necessary to strengthen nails, hair growth.
Green tea – the best cure for fatigue. Infusion of green tea is used as an antimicrobial agent for dysentery. This tea is a means of prevention of urolithiasis and cholelithiasis. Green tea supports the body tone, and relieves the feeling of hunger.
Green tea reduces cholesterol in the body, making the vessels more elastic, normalizes lipid metabolism, accelerates fat metabolism and prevents the body quickly grow old.
Such an amount of green tea useful properties due to the fact that it leaves containing various bioactive substances, trace elements and vitamins in the production process the product is not subjected to complete oxidation (fermentation), whereby they retain their green color. Through the gentle drying the nutrients and vitamins are not destroyed, unlike black tea.