Treatment of pain syndromes and autonomic dysfunction

Pelvic pain

pelvic pain2 300x167 Pelvic painPelvic pain can be caused by many factors: irritation herniated disc roots of the sacral plexus , an inflammation of the sacroiliac joint , coccyx injury or dysfunction of the sacrococcygeal joint, hip arthrosis , tunnel syndrome and pelvic muscles pelvic bottom of the infringement n. pudendus, myofascial pain , and pelvic muscles pelvic bottom , functional or organic pathology of the pelvic organs ( bowel, bladder , uterus, ovaries , prostate , testicles and seeded cords , urinary stone disease , mezenterioadenit etc.) , adhesive disease , inguinal hernia, pelvic venous congestion syndrome , psychogenic pelvic pain . Approach to the diagnosis and treatment of pelvic pain should be adequate , if necessary, consult with related medical specialists , if necessary, with additional examination and treatment , taking into account the complex causes of the disease.
Depending on the reasons cause pelvic pain, the patient should be treated or nerolog or urologist, or gynecology, or gastroenterologist or surgeon. In some types of pelvic pain require complex treatment related medical specialists. When functional pelvic pain, myofascial syndromes tunnel syndromes nonoptimality provisions pelvic adhesive disease and post-scar Changes – may alleviate the condition techniques of visceral osteopathy.

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