Treatment of pain syndromes and autonomic dysfunction
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Founder chiropractic — Daniel David Palmer (Iowa, USA). Born in 1845 in Canada, near Toronto at age 20 he moved to the United States. Prior to the beginning of healing was beekeeper, builder, attended sessions of spiritism, treated magnets and eventually began to heal people with his hands and fists – then announced that, after Hippocrates first raised chiropractor.

The basis of chiropractic is the theory that the nervous system of the body plays an important role in maintaining homeostasis and health. However, the “subluxations” (netsentrichnost, misalignment of bones and joints), or “fixing” (thickening, limiting mobility) are considered nuisance passage of nerve impulses, rob their ability to stay healthy. Through manipulation of the bones and associated muscles and joints, especially in the spine – Chiropractors correct bias, thus improving the functioning of neuro-musculo-skeletal system and try to restore homeostasis. Chiropractors work on tough policy with direct methods, do not work on the cause, and often symptomatically clean result, a secondary link compensation. Contraindicated in acute pain associated with inflammation, swelling and radicular syndrome. Chiropractic does not apply to the U.S. system of medicine, and refers to the system of healing-kostopravstva, but quite popular (chiropractors are not allowed to prescribe examinations and write prescriptions). Recently chiropractic is divided into several areas: straytery (Orthodox hiropraktery using derrektivnye manipulating the joints and the spine), mikstery (added to the chiropractic healing, some of the techniques of osteopathy, applied kinesiology tests and knowledge of neurology) and reformers (and much taking of osteopathy ).

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