Treatment of pain syndromes and autonomic dysfunction

Osteopathy for pregnant and women in lactation period

osteopathy for pregnancy 300x195 Osteopathy for pregnant and women in lactation period
Osteopathy is a topical alternative to allopathic medicine in pathologies in pregnant women lactation period. Often during pregnancy a woman may experience pain in the back or neck, also suffer from headaches or pain at other sites, is also not uncommon dizziness. In the postpartum period (breastfeeding) women can also disturb pains of various localization, especially pelvic pain, back pain and sacrum, abdominal dysfunction, autonomic dysfunction and asthenoneurotic disorder. This category of patients is limited to the use of drugs and osteopathy, together with eastern medicine are really almost the only viable alternative for the help. Women breastfeeding period not have any restrictions for different osteopathic techniques. Pregnant women are allowed, not all osteopathic techniques. Pregnant women do not apply visceral therapy in the direct approach, trust and giving plenty of high technology. For pregnant women allowed to use the myofascial release, strain-kontrstreyn, ortho-bionomy, balance ligamentous and membranous rods, craniosacral therapy. Just soft techniques of osteopathy are very relevant for young children in particular suffered birth trauma.

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