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ServicesTreatment of pain in the extremities

rukinogibol 300x300 ServicesTreatment of pain in the extremitiesTreatment of pain in the limbs should be comprehensive and multi-faceted with good rehabilitation.
Often causes pain in the limbs are functional disorders and myofascial syndromes, but also there are many other reasons that can not be ignored, since it requires a medical examination and if necessary further examination.

Causes of pain in the extremities:
A. neurological
synalgia – compression- ischemic radicular syndromes discogenic conflicts.
Tunnel – neuropathy
- vegetalgii , simaticheskaya dystrophy
- phantom pain
- myo-dystrophy
- spinal and neural amyotrophy
- myotonia and muscle channelopathies
- polyneuropathy
myo – neoplastic
B. Neurological and Orthopaedic character
- myofascial syndromes
C. Orthopaedic character
- arthrosis
- dysplasia and limb bones
- congenital limb deformities
-lock joint subluxations or micro- joints
flat -
D. traumatic orthopedic nature
- tear meniscus
- damaged ligaments and tendons
reloading – inflammation of the tendons and their shells ( trend vaginitis )
- bruised muscles, tendons , ligaments and periosteum
- bone fracture or nadkol
dislocation of the joint -
- traumatic arthritis
E. Rheumatoid character:
- monoartrita
- polyarthritis
- osteoporosis
endocrine and metabolic degeneration of joints
F. reflex character
- radiating pain in the pathology of internal organs in the zones Zahara Geda
reflex tunnel syndrome and myofascial dysfunction of internal organs
- muscle imbalance overload ligament complex with dysfunction of internal organs
J. Vascular character
- phlebitis,
- arteritis
K. infectious nature
- osteomyelitis
- infectious arthritis
- infection of the bone
L. Neoplastic lesions of the extremities.

Approaches to the treatment of pain in the extremities should consider the cause of the pain, and they can be divided into conservative treatment and surgical treatment.

In the conservative treatment methods can be used allopathic and alternative medicine.
1) Аllopathic approach – Orthopedic mode , analgesics , anti-inflammatories , muscle relaxants , ointments, bandages use , if necessary, local injection therapy ( perineural blockade , periarticular , intra ) in the subacute period rehabilitative measures (physiotherapy , massage, kinesiotherapy ) .
2 ) Alternative medicine (structural osteopathy

and visceral osteopathy, applied kinesiology , reflexology ) can act as an independent approach and treatment in functional disorders of the body, as well as an auxiliary method in the structure of the conservative approach of allopathic or in the late postoperative period after surgical treatment.
Infectious lesions limbs – conservative treatment in infectious disease or tuberculosis specialist, with neoplastic processes – treatment with an oncologist. During the testimony – as well surgical treatment.
II. Surgical treatment (operative orthopedics , neurosurgery ), followed by a course of rehabilitation ( in the late postoperative period , you can use methods of alternative medicine ) .

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